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Kalalau for Beginners

I’ve mentioned this before: feel free to send me questions, my email is andy (a) great(dash)hikes (d o t) c o m. It used to be on this website, but I had to take it down due to spam. Eventually, I would like to implement an “Ask me about Kaua’i” button, but email works in […]

Kalalau Updates

I received a good question in the comments from Mike: I have hiked all or portions of the Kalalau Trail many times over the past 35 years but only in the summer. I will be on Kauai this November for Thanksgiving and want to hike Ke’e to Hanakoa. Given the date of Nov 29th what […]

A Brief History of Kalalau

A reader recently asked me about the Hawaiians who lived in Kalalau valley before and the “hippies” who live there now: I know Hawaiians previously lived in the valleys, but after it became illegal, they left. Or did they? I’m not certain about exact dates, but here is a rough timeline. What’s not exactly clear […]

Kalalau Articles

I’m running out of titles for Kalalau-related content. I could update the Kalalau Trip Reports with the following links, but these are more newsy than pure hiking stories. First, two old articles about volunteer repairs to the trail last summer and fall. These repairs took place after my previous hike and photos of trail conditions, […]

More Kalalau Trip Reports

I didn’t have much time to write today, so I did what every good blogger does: link to somebody else’s writing. I updated my page of Kalalau trip reports with 3 new ones that are worth checking out. It’s like 3 blog posts for the price of none.