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Kalalau Trail Conditions

There has been some discussion in the press and on this blog recently about the condition of the Kalalau trail. An article in the Garden Island newspaper paints a scary picture, one letter to the editor concurred and another admitted to cancelling a hike due to that information. While I personally know most of the […]

Kalalau Trail Map

The last time I hiked the Kalalau Trail, I took my GPS to record the trail and make a map of it. If you have Google Earth installed, click this link to download the trail data you see here. Also, I just noticed that there are newer, clearer satellite images in Google Earth for parts […]

Kalalau Trip Report

Several months ago, my wife and daughter were staying with my in-laws, and I had the chance to do some backpacking. Because of my day job with computers, I only had one weekend to hike in and out of Kalalau by myself. So while I never recommend it, I hiked to Kalalau and back in […]

Kalalau Logistics

I wanted to give some details about the food and equipment I took on my recent 2.2-day hike on the Kalalau trail. While a 2-day hike is different from a 5-day outing, this can give an idea of the minimum needed. Here I am all ready to go at the trailhead: Trailhead signs at Ke’e […]

Foraging in Kalalau

Mitch emailed me to ask: I have a quick question i was hoping you could answer. My girl and I are visiting kalalau for 5 nights in mid sept. (After the crowds). And I was wondering if there was still alot of taro left in the valley that time of the year. And if its […]