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More Kalalau Questions

My first post about the Kalalau trail has generated the most comments of any so far. It is after all the highlight of any trip to Kauai for the physically inclined. But from the emails I keep receiving, it seems like details are scarce. The discussion in that post has turned to the “hippies” who […]

Kalalau Trip Reports

After writing my description of the Kalalau trail, I’ve come across several other trip reports on the web. These provide some other details about the Na Pali coast, and I find them accurate compared to my past experiences: Kayak Kauai is a local outfitter that runs kayak and hiking tours of the Na Pali coast. […]

Kalalau Questions

A writer for the website emailed me asking for info about hiking the Kalalau trail. While I’m a bit put off by their attitude that hiking is just a cheap way to see Hawaii (“[the hikes] were as amazing as they were inexpensive“), I’m always glad to give out hiking information on this blog. […]

Northwestern Kaua’i Recreation Map

I know I’ve seriously neglected this blog, but I still like to help people who are going hiking on Kaua’i. I just got a question by email, and the answer is worth sharing here: I’ll be hiking the Kalalau in the near future. I was wondering if there is a topo map available that you […]

Happy Father’s Day

Prompted by a story on Hawaii Insider and in honor of Father’s day, here is the image of Hawaii that my father gave me as I was growing up. My parents visited Hawaii in 1971, the year before I was born. Even though I got to travel a lot as a child (when we lived […]