4th Wailua Bridge

A while back, I promised to post pictures of other lost and forgotten structures around Kauai. Well it turns out there is a 4th bridge over the Wailua River, even more invisible than the 3rd bridge.

This one is located less than 300 feet (100m) upstream from the Wailua Falls (the twin falls you get to on a long and bumpy road from Lihue). Oddly, thousands of people view the falls in what looks like a pristine setting, and never suspect this bridge is closer to the falls than they are at the lookout. As far as I can tell, it actually used to be a railroad bridge for hauling sugar cane. On your way to the falls, you actually drive under the old track that goes to this bridge.

Rusted trestle with no bed crossing 20 feet over the stream, held up by mossy pillars

To be honest, I had trouble getting a picture of it myself, because it is so hidden in the trees. The first thing you see are two rows of cement columns that go down to the river, and then you see the old rusted trestle crossing in a single span. I wonder if anyone checks it anymore or if it will collapse and wash over the falls someday.

The Lihue plantation that farmed this area used to have run trains on several tracks around Lihue. I heard recently that they still have some engines in working order, so now I have more fun history to “track” down.

PS: I’ll stop with the Wailua bridges now, because there are actually one or two more cement bridges for cane roads crossing further upstream from here.

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