A is for …

Three of things that I enjoy most about Kauai are summed up in the following picture:

Abundance – Aloha – Avocados

A basket overflowing with big avocados, free for the taking on the side of the road

Update: Even though Mark’s comment does not doubt the photo was taken in winter, I feel I should reveal it was taken on December 27, 2005. I don’t remember avocados throughout the previous winter, but either I wasn’t paying attention or the very hot and dry December had some influence.

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  1. Mark says:

    Timothee, having recently discovered the network on which you can send stuff invisibly, would tell you to “teleport” a few of those over here. He would say that in the same way he asked me to teleport a text he was typing on planet earth upstairs to another computer.

    You’ve got free avocados in February, but have you got snow in the desert? Check this out, http://www.skidubai.ae/

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