Accident Scene

I happened to drive by this accident scene yesterday soon after it happened. Since I had my camera, I slowed down and got a lucky shot (apologies to the drivers behind me). You can see the base of the pole in front of the white stick, and you can just feel the tension on the hanging wires:

A car rests under the telephone pole it completely sheared off, still hanging from the wires

I resisted blogging about it because I don’t feel the need be a local reporter, nor do I have the time. Accidents are mostly of interest to locals, and while I’d love to reach out to them, the newspaper does it better. Except when it doesn’t:

A utility truck and workers stand beside a wrecked car, it is unclear what happened

Source: on Nov 2, 2006, photo by Adam Harju. Poor quality is due to enlargement.

Next time I’ll call them up and ask if they take submissions.

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  1. Adam Harju says:

    We do accept submissions of photos; but they need to be less confusing and should normally include the whole subject, not just a portion of it. That was a nice try.

  2. Andy says:

    I see what you mean, the picture is hard to “read” because the subjects (the car and the pole) are so closely cropped. While it makes a good photo, it’s not good journalism.

    In this case, I couldn’t get a different shot, but next time I have the chance, I’ll know what type of photo to take and submit.

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