Aloha Hiding in Plain Sight

Aloha is all around us in Hawaii, but sometimes only the birds and the Google “satellites” can see it:


This is at the Kaua’i Beach Resort, the one on the main road between Lihue and Kapa’a (it used to be the Radisson, then the Hilton, now Aqua). When I walked by recently, the topiary was still there, but maybe not trimmed as neatly. It’s not really a maze, but my daughter had fun pretending it was. She could read it when I told her the bushes where in the shape of letters.

The construction of the hotel and condos was controversial in the 80’s, but the area has lots of Aloha now, because I also found this carved into a tree trunk at the stream nearby:


Here is the embedded map, with North to the top. If Google updates the imagery it might not be visible anymore:

I’m sure there are a few other examples on Kaua’i, but this is the first one that I’ve found. If you know of other “aerial art” visible in online maps, let me know in the comments.

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