An Inch of Rain

We had a fairly dry summer on Kauai, and ended up using tons of water (literally) to keep the garden from dying. We would occasionally get a rain shower at night, but rarely more than a tenth of an inch. But now the weather is changing, it started out being muggy, and now were getting our first big rains. Last night there was a whole inch, more than the entire month of August:

Standard rain gauge attached to our back fence, with 1 inch of precipitation.

The rain gauge was here at the house when we bought it, and I’ve enjoyed keeping track of how much rain we get. Here’s the monthly rainfall so far this year:

Inches Centimeters
January 11.50 29.2
February 11.40 29.0
March 1.95 5.0
April 1.50 3.8
May 3.30 8.4
June 2.70 6.9
July 1.65 4.2
August 0.80 2.0
Sept to date 2.15 5.5
Year to date 36.95 93.9

According to this map, the annual average at our house is around 60 inches or 150 cm of rain.

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