An Eclectic Sunrise

It’s been a while since I posted a sunrise picture, but I’m looking for a short and easy post today.

We’ve been having a bit of nice Kona weather again. Yesterday was sunny but not hot, and the mountains were spectacularly clear most of the day. With no clouds, the night was almost chilly under a waning moon . And this morning, a few cirrus high clouds were spectacularly lit by the morning sun:

The reason I called this an “eclectic sunrise” is because a relatively new blog called Kaua’i Eclectic describes the same sunrise much more beautifully than I:

I’ve been wanting to mention this blog, but I didn’t get around to adding it to the blogroll until now. It’s written by Joan Conrow, whom I do not know personally, but the story of her blog is well known. She was a Kaua’i correspondent for the Honolulu Advertiser newspaper, including recent ferry news, until she was fired for voicing her personal anti-ferry opinions on her blog. So if you’re a ferry supporter, her writing will surely rub you the wrong way.

However, if you look beyond the politics, she is a keen observer of both mother nature and human nature. She usually writes about her morning walks and the people she meets, which lead her to expose some facet of Kaua’i or lesson she has learned from living here. But she does write a political blog, and so she keenly applies the lesson to the political target du jour.

If you shun the political reading, she has also written many articles for other Hawaiian publications such as the Honolulu Weekly (a free newspaper on Oahu) and the local airline magazines. From her descriptions of places and people, you can tell she is a spiritual person. Fortunately, her writing remains poetic, lyrical maybe, but rarely preachy. For example, she has an article about the mist in Koke’e and the Hindu temple on the Wailua river. On the right-hand side of her blog, she lists her own favorite pieces, including some about the Hawaiian sovereignty movement.

And by the way, as I write this in the evening, it is pouring down rain. Update: it rained over 5 inches last night, more in one night than any previous whole month since the March 2006 deluge. And it’s raining hard again this morning.

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