Beach at Tunnels

Here are some photos of the beach near Tunnels, from last year. Actually, I’m not quite sure what this place is called. It’s about half-way between the area marked Kepuhi Point and Ha’ena Point on the map. I’ve often heard of Kepuhi beach as the Hawaiian name for Tunnels, but the big horseshoe reef that I think of as Tunnels surrounds Ha’ena point.

Anyways, it’s one long continuous beach, and whatever the name or the location, it’s gorgeous.

I just like the colors on this one. Absolutely no Photoshopping, honest.

And I think this pohuehue (beach morning glory) was at Anini, but still worthy. I’ve always liked the pohuehue, you don’t think of flowers at the beach, but there it is, mauve and bright green, sparkling in the early sunlight.

My attraction might also have to do with something that happened the first year we lived on Kaua’i. At that time we were attending Unity of Kauai church, and they welcomed a Hawaiian practitioner who shared her music, hula, prayers, and beliefs. One Sunday, in an effort to teach us about the Hawaiian connection to the land through their medicine plants, she brought in a basket of plant names and had us each pick one. And I got pohuehue to learn about and have a special connection with.

If you’re interested, Unity services are now held at CaffĂ© Coco in Wailua, across from the Kintaro restaurant. See the Unity of Kaua’i website (with music) for times and details. I also like their logo, with the pretty purple mountains representing Kaua’i.

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  1. tara says:

    Thanks for this…I also lived on Kauai for 4 years and remember them fondly. This flower – it’s a vine like plant, right? After reading the novel “The Ruins,” I was always afraid this was the killer vine!

  2. Andy,

    If this picture is of the beach we’re thinking of, its near the YMCA, but more importantly, its where we got married in a private little ceremony with a local officiate — Leilani. Probably spelled it wrong.

    When back on island, we try to revisit that little peninsula and recall our magical ceremony. Sadly, we will not be back on island this year.

    Also, that YMCA is also the property where one of those helicopters went down — perhaps 2006 or so?


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