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Up until recently, I wasn’t too sure what a blog carnival was either. I still don’t know all the details, but it boils down to a bunch of “link love,” as they sometimes call it when blogs link to each other. The host blog defines a geographical area, Hawai’i in this case, and asks bloggers in the area to submit an existing post of their own to a sort of blog roundup. The host then creates a new post that summarizes all the submissions, allowing people to discover their blog neighbors.

So last month, Evelyn of emailed me to ask if I’d like to participate. She hosts a monthly blog carnival for Hawai’i entitled Carnival of Aloha. The rest of the time, she blogs about events for local people on Oahu and also about the small details about life in Hawaii, such as her recent in-depth post about honey from the Big Island.

Anyways, I liked the idea of gathering a random bunch of blog articles showing the many facets of blogging in Hawai’i, and so I submitted my recent Kalalau article for consideration. Oahu blogs dominate the published blog carnival for October, but there I am in the middle, along with a couple of other Kauaian bloggers and a big slice of life from across the islands.

If you write a blog in Hawai’i or about Hawai’i and would like to join the carnival, see Evelyn’s instructions and submission form. And if you just want to find some new blogs or articles about Hawai’i, here’s the link to her monthly Carnival of Aloha posts.

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  1. Evelyn says:

    You guys broke the ice and made it so wonderful for all of us. It really was a fun carnival with a lot of entries and so much ohana-related stuff going on that made it feel like home, the way home should feel! And I couldn’t stop singing! Aren’t you glad there was no sound file attached? (Except for Highway Inn of course.) Hugs and thanks for sending in the most picturesque post I’ve seen in a while! If you guys haven’t seen the Kalalau article… follow the link Andy posted!

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