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Sorry for the messy looking blog right now and the lack of content, I’m going through a blog upgrade.

There have been some vulnerabilities in the WordPress blog software I use, so I had to do an upgrade to the latest version. Of course, that led to a lot of formatting issues, as you can probably see. I’m not quite sure why the articles I wrote before are messed up now, it should all just be HTML. All the content is still there, I just need to go back and reformat every post, which may take a little time. I also need to redo the colors and decorations, which may not happen right away either.

But in the process of going through every post and reformatting it, I’m going to remove all the high-res images from the blog. They were taking up a lot of space on my hosting provider, and I’m not sure anyone clicked on them. I stopped posting them a while ago, and no one mentioned it—so I’ll remove the old ones. For me, it is just simpler to post a blog with the small image that do not link to big ones.

One exception will be the maps, those just loose too much detail in the small format. I’ll put a border and a link whenever a map is clickable.

If you would like a large, high-res version of any picture, please email me with a reason, and I’m usually happy to share them.

As a reminder, all photos and text that appear on this blog are copyrighted under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. That means you are free to use any materials here, as long as you attribute it and redistribute it freely as well. Please credit Andy Kass and link to if possible.

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