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Our friend Gabriela Taylor just published her first book about Kaua’i, subtitled Tales of a Kaua’i Bed & Breakfast. After 30-some years on Kaua’i, she says she’s finally starting to feel and be treated like a local. And she has lots of great stories going all the way back to the Hippie camps in the 70’s (although Taylor camp was not named after her).

From the book’s website (designed by my wife Sonja) where you can also read excerpts and buy the book:

“Life at a B&B is often so alluring that many guests fantasize about retiring in paradise and running one of their own. Author Gabriela Taylor does not entirely dispel this image, for she built and ran a B&B for twelve years on the island of Kaua‘i.”

Cover of Gabriela Taylor

You can also buy the book at the Borders in Kukui Grove, where Gabriela will soon have a talk-story and sign books.

I’ll file this under History because I don’t think I’ll have enough Literary entries to justify starting a new category.

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