Andy’s Guacamole Recipe

I know this is not authentic, but over time, my recipe for guacamole has turned into this:

  1. Fly to Kauai and buy one large avocado at the farmer’s market*. Wait a day or two to let it ripen perfectly.
  2. Spoon avocado into food processor, squeeze half a lime onto it.
  3. Add a half-bunch of cilantro leaves, without stems.
  4. For variety, add any or all of the following: green or red peppers, a few cherry tomatoes, green onions, roasted onions and garlic, hot peppers or hot oil.
  5. Be creative, add something else that’s lying around the fridge.
  6. Blend coarsely, add salt to taste, blend chunky or smooth as desired.

Consistency should be thick, not runny, but it has to be thin enough for the processor to chop and mix. Peppers and tomato can be used to add liquid, and they also provide a nice touch of color.

* I don’t mean to imply we have the best avocados here, just emphasize that great-tasting guacamole starts with great-tasting avocados. Tree-ripened is always best, but when not available, shop around for the creamiest, most flavorful avocado you can find.

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