Hands Across the Sand

Today, at beaches all over the US and in places around the world, people joined hands to protest the BP Gulf disaster. By extension, people were also showing their support for using less oil and more renewable energy, hopefully reversing America’s oil addiction. This demonstration was organized and publicized by Hands Across the Sand, an organization that has been opposing offshore oil drilling since before the disaster.

The joining of hands was scheduled for noon, local time, and some people have posted videos and photos already. Here is one from the Hands Across the Sand at the Hanalei Pier:

There was another event planned at Lydgate by the Surfrider foundation, so maybe it had an even bigger turnout. I haven’t found any photos or videos online yet.

Me? I was near a pier, but in Pacifica, California. Sadly, we had a rather low turnout:


But we had a great slogan and dance routine: “Kick the oil habit!”


I like to think everyone was at Ocean Beach in San Francisco:

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