Hawaii Decal

Local Kauaians are usually proud to be Hawaiian, even when they are not ethnically Polynesian. The usual way to show pride in the place you live, regardless of ethnicity, would be to show your flag, However, the Hawaiian flag is really old fashioned and not very Hawaiian looking with it’s horizontal bars and Union Jack:

State Flag of Hawaii

While the flag is used, you often see a geographical representation of the state instead, in other words, a map. Stylized as it may be, the outline of the islands is still recognizable, especially in Hawaii. I’ve even seen Hawaiian map tatoos. Of course, each island also uses its own outline to further show their local pride. The other day, I saw this window decal on a pickup truck, using a very distorted outline in a clever way:

Stylized footprint shape (left foot) where the toe prints are outlines of the major Hawaiian islands

Printed from: http://great-hikes.com/blog/hawaii-decal/.
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  1. Janea Dew says:

    Where can you get this sticker online? I just recently left the island and want to replace the current sticker on my car but can’t find this sticker.

  2. Andy says:

    Sorry Janea, I have no idea. There is a way to do an image search with google: go to images.google.com, click on the camera icon in the search box, and enter the URL of my photo (http://great-hikes.com/blog/images/HawaiiDecal.jpg). Google looks at the image and finds it on the internet. It successfully identified it as “Hawaiian Island Foot” which returns lots of cool images of the Big Island, but nobody selling that decal. It also finds a lot of people who have been sharing my photo on Pinterest, but again nobody selling something like that.

    I love finding these decals. They are often popular for a while, and then you don’t see them anymore. I try to catch them on camera and should post more of them.

  3. Anya says:

    Kind of late, but that decal is from Barefoot League.

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