Hylocereus monacanthus

A while ago, a contributor to Wikipedia asked me to release a photo of a plant I took at the National Tropical Botanical Garden in Lawai. In an post about visiting there after hours, I posted a picture of a night-blooming cereus, which it turns out is somewhat rare, both the particular species of that plant and picutres of them. I learned that it’s actual name is Hylocereus monacanthus.


In the email exchange, I also got some more information about the species:

Hylocereus monacanthus (H. lemairei) is quite easy to recognize by the more or less pink flowers, bifid stigma lobes and relatively small scales on the floral tube. the other species commonsly gron in hawaii is H. undatus, with no pink, entire stigma lobes and large scales. It also have the areoles (where the spines are) on the lowest point of the margin. H. monacanthus has the areoles on the highest point.

But for some reason or another, the Wikipedia article for Hylocereus monacanthus wasn’t written, and image hasn’t even been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons yet (here’s the link). However, there is a lot of info and pictures of other Hylocereus and other genera of nightblooming cereus.

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