I Made the Front Page

Source: The Garden Island newspaper (I hope it’s not considered bad form to lift the newspaper’s masthead–I won’t do it again).

Sorry for the lack of posting here, I’ve been busy with other projects. One of those came to fruition in a big way yesterday, if you consider being quoted on the front page of the Garden Island newspaper “big.” Here’s a link to the story, and here are the photos and their captions as they appeared in the print edition:

Source: Nathan Eagle, the Garden Island newspaper (2008/02/10)
“Some hikers say a state-registered historic coastal trail at Moloa’a Bay, pictured here Friday, was inaccurately mapped. They claim the landowner, Moloa’a Bay Ranch, has created a new path that runs more makai—at times along a rocky slope instead of grassy meadows.”

“Andy Kass, an avid hiker from Kapa’a, uses a GPS device Friday to determine where the traditional path skirting Moloa’a Bay is located…”

Source: Nathan Eagle, the Garden Island newspaper (2008/02/10)

In another post, I’ll give some more background about the historical coastal trail and my maps.

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