It turns out that Sonja wants to keep the orphaned kitten she saved from the pound. We ended up naming him Kalihi, since we found him at Kalihiwai beach. One meaning of “ka lihi” is “the speck” or “the crumb” which I guess is fitting while he’s small.

He is very cute and playful, but sometimes he just has too much energy. We usually keep him around us when we’re home, and I take him down to the office to “baby-sit” during the day. So he’s been very good practice for our own baby due in November, but I wonder if he won’t be too much by then. I’d like to find him a nice home.

Here he is climbing the screen door of the office. Fortunately, he is light enough he doesn’t tear the screen (yet!) and he still hasn’t figured out how to use the door handle.

Kitten climbing inside the screen, seen from outside

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