Kung Hee Fat Choy

Since I missed wishing you a Happy New Year 2006, let me at least wish you a Lucky Year of the Dog in 4703 (or 4704 depending on who you ask). Kung Hee Fat Choy is the phonetic spelling of “congratulations and be prosperous” though I’m sure it’s mispronounced. I don’t remember hearing it at the Chinese New Year in San Francisco’s Chinatown before, and Google confirms it is mostly a greeting in Hawaii, or at least on Hawaiian blogs. Kauai has an ethnic Chinese minority and I think there were some celebrations on the island, though not nearly as prominent as at the Chinatown in Honolulu.

So this is a fortuitous time to return from a two-month blog “vacation” for the birth of my first daughter (OK, I’ll post a photo later). I have some stories from the end of last year, but it has been impossible to find the time to write. However, this morning’s sunrise convinced me it’s time for a new beginning:

A bright yellow sun turns the puffy clouds all golden against a baby blue sky

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  1. Mark says:

    Thanks for the lovely sunrise. Being born under the year of the dog that lasted from February 06, 1970 – January 26, 1971, I look with apprehension at the Wikipedia article:

    “People born in dog years may encounter discrimination in China during 2006, due to the belief that they will attract bad luck during the year.”

    So I asked the oracle, “Will this be a good year?” The oracle answered, “Kuan / Contemplation (View).”

  2. Andy says:

    Andy says, “Lie about your age or don’t travel to China this year.” Come to Kauai instead.

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