Mahalo Robin

The big storm that gave us so much rain last week caused a lot of runoff and washed lots of old wood down the rivers. Lydgate park and its popular protected rock pool was full of branches and tree trunks that came from the large Wailua River. The newspaper reported on it, and we had a chance to see it firsthand on Sunday.

We found Robin at the beach who didn’t think the county was going to clean up anytime soon and started removing the wood that had already washed up on the sand. I think he just wanted to build a huge bonfire, but I also really appreciate the initiative of making the pool usable again. Unfortunately, we were guests at a nearby wedding and couldn’t help out in our nice clothes.

Robin carrying driftwood away from the beach

You often hear that the people of Kauai are generous volunteers who step up and make things happen. Maybe it’s because on a small island, you really see the difference that volunteering makes. Thanks, Robin, for reminding us and setting the example.

Update: I scooped The Garden Island newspaper!

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  1. Robin marshall says:

    Aloha,Andy.!st time I’ve had a chance to “BLOG”Permission granted on anything like this that can alert the community in general of what’s going down in our own back yard.On the last and 8th day of the clean up.assisted by the “Old Gaurd”and hardcore “Lydegate Crew”,we were able to finally open the lrg.rock circle for swimming and also @ this time some lrg.pcs. of “Yellow Gear” showed up like a miracle,and in the last few days,(once agian,/W/ the assistance of a private contractor @ an undisclosed cost to the tax payer!)was Finally put into service to clean up the smaller pool and carry away what was left after we had already done most of it for them!Mahalo for your support and freindship,Robin.

  2. Bonnie Marshall says:

    Thanks so much for sending this oiut to me. I’m so proud of my brother and all the work he does for his community. The article was also great and really showed Robin’s spirit. The comment of how fire brought him to Hawaii in the first place was so amazing. I’m going to give him a call today!! Miss you all much Mahalo to you and yours! Love Bonnie

  3. Germaine Lemieux says:

    Dear Andy!

    Thanks so much for writing this article. Robin has a good and generous spirit and this cleaning up of the grotto is only one of the chairitable labors he has been involved in. I’m very proud of my children and their accomplishments and although they are very different in a lot of ways, they are very much the same in their reverence and respect for the ecology of this plane, and I know they will be models to their friends and neighbors in their communities.

    Thanks again for the article, and keep up the good work.

    Love, Germaine

  4. Nicole Peter says:

    Aloha Andy,

    what can I say more than, I’m just so proud, found such nice friends on the Island Kauai like you and Robin.

    I miss you all so much!

    Mahalo & Malama’oe

    Nicole from Switzerland

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