Mellow Dog Needs New Home

Update: Jackson found a great home in Kalaheo thanks to the other neighbors. We plan to go see him again sometime.

This plea is mostly for Kauai residents, but it will give a “slice of life” on Kauai to others.

Last week, our neighbor Joe behind our house died quite suddenly. He was an older man who lived alone, and when another neighbor saw his lights and TV on all night, he went to check on him in the morning, and notified the police. Joe was a kind man loved by all of us. He knew everyone on the street and introduced us to them when we first moved in. Just like that, on a sunny Aloha Friday in a tropical paradise, we were all reminded of our own mortality.

Since we knew Joe a little from being around him nearly every day, the other neighbor and I stayed around and helped the emergency personnel and the police collect information. Joe was a retired teacher from Kapa’a High School, and because Kaua’i is a small place, one of the medics remembered having him as his French teacher. I speak French and I never knew Joe taught it or we could’ve practiced together. I also learned Joe used to do a lot of hiking decades ago, but I never had the chance to ask him what Kaua’i was like back then.

Sadly, Joe leaves behind his dog named Jackson. He’s been heartbroken ever since, moaping about and not eating much. We are taking care of him so that the authorities don’t put him in the animal shelter.We take him for walks and he does respond to the love and attention that we give him, so he should be OK. But Jackson needs to find a new home before the family sells or rents out his house.

Jackson is an older dog who loves to go for walks and short runs and seems healthy. He does like to chase birds and cats, which is why we can’t keep him. Otherwise, he is very mellow and obedient, with a wonderful temperament and is friendly to all, even other dogs. He is fairly big but great around kids—he is my daughter’s best doggie friend.

If you or anyone you know might want to adopt Jackson, please email me at

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  1. Mike says:

    It’s nice of you to watch over that pup. I’ve done the same many times, tho’ under different circumstances. Last winter I found a stray dachsund/mix on the verge of a brutal blizzard herein Chicago. I took in the dog, then speaking with the neighbors near where the dog was found I suprisingly discovered he was one of two! I went to the local shelter to discover that his twin was scheduled for destruction that day, so I “adopted” the second. I had to pay to spring him from jail ($35) After many weeks, I was able to find a home for both, keeping them together. I always try to find a home for wayward animals. Failing that (none so far), here on the mainland we have a good selection of no-kill shelters. I hope you can find a good home for him…he looks like a good boy. Good Luck, Andy.

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