Moloaa Beach

Moloaa Bay is one of those hidden gems of the North Shore of Kauai. It is off the main highway and down the scenic old road, which also makes it less crowded. Nearly the entire bay is lined with a beautiful golden sand beach, although the waves are a bit rough in the center where you access the beach at this sign:


But if you walk to either side of the bay, there is a small reef that protects the beach for swimming and snorkeling. The next photo was taken on the left side as you face the ocean. I call it the ironwood side of the bay because of the trees. The other side is the coconut side.


Parking can be a problem because the end of the road has no space, and lots of No Parking signs. Park near the last intersection and walk the road to the beach. There were currents inside the reef on the ironwood side, but the coconut side was mostly still. Please observe the ocean, exercise caution and avoid the water if you’re unsure you can handle the conditions.

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