I’ve been hearing from everybody on Kaua’i about how rainy it’s been, but that means waterfalls:

Source: Koa Kahili

This is Namolokama, one of the 3 distinctive mountains behind Hanalei. It has the most waterfalls, especially when it rains and all the little ones are flowing. Since Hanalei is generally wet, you often see them. The central and biggest waterfall in the photo above is nearly always running, though not this clearly. It’s odd to have a large waterfall flow from the top of a mountain, but you don’t see the large plateau up on top. Here’s a link to some rare photos of the plateau area, taken by some biologists who were airlifted up there. And here’s the view in Google Earth:

Source: Here in Google Earth

The top photo is by Koa Kahili, a talented photographer I know on Kaua’i. He’s also the videographer of the Kalalau Challenge movie I mentioned before. He has a personal website with photos and stories of his travels around Kaua’i and around the world. He also sells a screensaver with some great images of Kauai (and some more).

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  1. Trevor says:

    There is a painting/mural in the stairwell of the Aloha Beach Hotel (adjacent to Lydgate Park) of a fictional mountain with dozens of waterfalls cascading down the sides. It is in fact a really ugly painting but after looking at this photo I don’t know that it is entirely fictional.

  2. Fred says:

    That picture of the mountain with all the waterfalls is truly amazing. Keep up the good work!

  3. Lisa W says:

    Stunning image of the waterfalls!

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