No Finder’s Fees

Like many bloggers, I read other blogs and pass on the interesting links with my own comments. Unlike other blogs, I will not be referencing them as sources in my articles.

For example, I read about Jake’s video on one blog which referenced it from another that linked to a third, while the original video was served by a fourth website. Also, I don’t feel I am chronicling nifty things on the web, I am trying to give a feel for life on Kauai. So I tried to link to the original copy of the video, but I don’t feel the need to credit everyone in the process, unless someone added some commentary that I find compelling enough to quote and link to. Feel free to treat me the same way for any links that you “discover” here.

Of course, original content and photos that I republish here will always be attributed and linked.

Once I figure out how to, I’ll create permanent links to my favorite blogs and sources of links in the sidebar.

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