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Blogs on Kaua’i about Kaua’i are few and far between, so I’m going to try and not let this one die. And now I have one more to add to my blog roll.

North Shore Kauai blog masthead

North Shore Kaua’i (NSK in their logo) has actually been around for quite a while, but for the longest time, they just had a great design with a few token posts. But over the last two years, after I stopped checking on them, they became very active. A lot of the posts and images are reprinted from news articles, but actually it’s nice to have an editor scanning all the papers and posting the Kaua’i stories for us.

One of the main interests on the blog seems to be surfing, which is after all one of the appeals of Kauai’s North Shore. As a result, NSK has live weather and surf reports on their homepage, something I’ve been meaning to do myself. Better yet, on their daily surf report page, they have a “live” map of surf conditions. I love maps of all kinds, and I hadn’t seen this one before:

North Shore Kauai blog masthead
Source: (updated as conditions change, click for larger image)

The image above is created by the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association and SOEST, the school of ocean and earth sciences and technology at the University of Hawaii. I have embedded the live map, which they say it is updated as conditions changes. See their website for details and disclaimers.

In any case look for the NSK logo and their link in my blogroll to the right.

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