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There, fixed that for you:


I really like the names of the peaks on Ha’upu Ridge that is closest to the ocean. From closest to furthest (right to left):

  • Kalanipu’u – The pointy hill in the front (779 feet)
  • Keopaweo – The peak that is reddish on one side (1167 feet)
  • Hokunui – The pointy one in the distance (1608 feet)
  • Hokulei – The rounded one behind it that looks a bit lower (1666 feet)
  • And in the far distance, Mt Kahili (left, 3089 feet) and Kapalaoa (right, 3310 feet)

I’m not sure of the translations for these names, so I won’t attempt it. I do know Hokunui is “big star,” though I don’t know if it references the Hawaiian name of an actual star or just a place name.


On a recent trip back from the mainland, we were flying Alaska and landed around noon. The usual approach takes you past the end of Haupu Ridge and Nawiliwili harbor. With the sun so high this time of year, the light was perfect and the colors just popped. I didn’t even see the boat in the first picture until I downloaded the photos from my camera.

I made the photos wide on purpose, I kinda like them like that. I may have to get rid of those links on the right.

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  1. Jamie says:

    Hi! I just happened upon your blog and I must say – I love what you are putting out to the world. I linked to some of your older posts for hiking and your perspectives about the politics of the land/locals/tourists/environment etc were spot on. We are headed to Princeville in Oct – our 3rd trip in 5 yrs. We are in love with the island but we are smart enough to know that we don’t need to move there, and your post “So you want to live on Kauai” expresses so much the careful choice it is to move to such a beautiful place. I wish more tourists considered their affect to the island when they visit: I hate listening to the helicopters when I’m hiking or at the beach; I hate finding garbage on a trail; but I also wish I could express to the locals that I’m there to SEE not to leave my mark. I think it’s a real shame what the mainland businessmen have done to land prices, and one night in Honolulu alone made me despise every hotel! For the ppl who go to Hawaii to be immersed, to learn, to experience a new place, the treasure of Hawaii and it’s ppl isn’t lost. But for the ppl who go to consume – they turn us all into the dreaded “tourist”. :) Thank you for all the insight and info and advice you put here – the honesty is wonderful. I’m feeling guilty about owning the Ultimate Guidebook, though!

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