Ocean Kayaking

This past weekend, we finally had the chance to take our kayak out in the ocean, although we didn’t go very far.

A two-person kayak is dwarfed by the green island and the immense deep blue ocean

The ocean is much rougher in the winter, although the south shore only had 0-2′ (0-60cm) waves predicted, which our kayak can handle. But we weren’t counting on the wind blowing 10-20 knots with stronger gusts. This made the water choppy and paddling even harder.

We launched from the beach next to Kukui’ula harbor near the Spouting Horn, paddled around a small wave-break and then headed back towards Poipu about half a mile (1 km). I don’t think we were ever more than a quarter-mile (400 m) from shore. The goal was to see some whales from a bit closer, but we were too busy negociating the weather to see any. We didn’t see any from shore either, so I don’t think they were around that area.

In the picture you can see our friends Becky and Julian riding on our old blue Cobra Tandem. I was paddling Julian’ one-person kayak to take the picture, while Sonja waited her turn on shore with the baby. It’s fun to see the island from off-shore and get a new perspective on the mountains. I think that is Haupu Mountain in the clouds above Julian. The Kauaian saying goes “The mists of Haupu foretell the rain,” but we only had wind and sunshine.

As a side note, the empty green fields behind the ocean-front houses is going to be developed soon as part of the 1500+ units of the new Kukuiula subdivision. Looking at their site plan, it is even larger than I thought. It goes beyond the Spouting Horn, all the way to the edge of the McBryde and Allerton National Tropical Botanical Gardens that are inland of Lawai beach in the foreground of this photo from their website:

The canefields of the south shore before being paved over by the Kukuilua development
Source: kukuiula.com

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  1. Gary W says:

    Aloha all-

    My feedback is about Ocean Kayaking but specifically Ocean Kayaking with Kayak Kauai in Hanalei – I am trying to get the word out so others dont have to go through the bad experience we had with them.

    Just finished (2 weeks ago) 17 mile Na Pali Kayak paddle and camping trip.
    In my opinion—-DO NOT USE Kayak Kauai !
    Let me say it again…DO NOT USE Kayak Kauai for anything.

    We were very unimpressed with their lack of professionalism, prices, and service.

    • Guiding was unimpressive.
    • Advice and guidance (around hurricane and small craft advisory) was laughable.
    • Logistically they were a joke and left us and their kayaks stranded at the pullout spot.

    We had already paid 300$ for pick up of the kayaks but they told us they could not make it and to strap the kayaks to the roof of our rental car with the bow lines (are you kidding me?)!

    There is lots more to the story but I don’t want to ramble on here. If you need more info feel free to email me at gwoods@takehawaiihome.com.

  2. Andy says:

    to “Jack R”

    You left an interesting comment here that I am holding for moderation. Please get in touch with me if you want it published. You can remain anonymous, but I want to verify what you say.

    You can contact me at the address in the link “Comment by Andy”

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