Old Koloa Town Torn Down

Once again in Koloa for an ice cream after an afternoon of snorkeling back in December, I was saddened to see that they finally began tearing down the old Koloa town. This photo, taken from the “terrasse” of the Lappert’s ice cream shop, shows all that’s left of the cottages in the third picture of my previous post:

Piles of rubble beneath the old shade trees of Koloa Town

According to yesterday’s Garden Island newspaper, I’m not the only one who thinks the planned developments will destroy the atmosphere of the oldest missionary and sugar mill town on Kauai. Resident there are fighting to save the stately old trees across the stree from this photo, yet you can tell they expect something other than tourist shops:

[D]evelopers should build either affordable housing on the site, or storefronts for businesses like a laundry mat, a dry cleaner or a hardware store, providing services for residents that are not available in Koloa today.

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