Orchids and Bonsai

Another cool thing at the “county” fair last weekend was the orchid and bonsai displays. Like the farm animals, fruits, and vegetables, they were also being judged, though I suspect the orchid and bonsai clubs just like to put on a show. I must be getting older and more like my father because when I was a kid, I didn’t care that much for gardens and plant displays, but he would always take us to see them.

Sadly, there was a theft of several bonsai that night from the fair grounds, despite having security guards.

Dozens of different flowering orchids

Row of bonsai trees on a table

Note – These photos were taken in a tent that gave everything a red hue, so I have color-adjusted them to make them appear as if in normal daylight. You can still tell the lighting isn’t quite normal. As a principle, I do not modify my photos other than to occasionally crop them, though I will sometimes adjust the brightness, contrast, or color not to enhance, but to make it look more normal.

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