Pile of Fruit

We did our usual shopping at the Kapaa farmer’s market on Wednesday and bought a basket full of fruit. When laid out on the dining room hutch, this is what it looks like:

Top of hutch covered in fruit.

In the back, from left to right:

  • Large papaya from our tree, small papayas from our other tree (under the bananas)
  • Santol, a fruit from south-east Asia that we’d never seen before despite all our adventurous eating. Of course we had to try it, so we’re waiting for them to ripen.
  • Apple bananas on the stand
  • Star fruit also called carambola, under some mountain apples (not real apples)
  • Yellow passion fruit, also called maracuya, and delicious atemoya

Front row, left to right:

None of these fruits are native to Hawaii, but the Polynesians brought the breadfruit (ulu), mountain apple (‘ohi’a ‘ai), and bananas (mai’a) in their canoes. The mountain apple now grows wild in some canyons along the Na Pali coast. You can see bananas in the wild too, but they are probably the descendants of plants cultivated near a settlement, because bananas do not have seeds and only spread by sprouting from the root.

All of the links above are just from Google, but they give you a good overview of the many good tropical fruit web sites. It’s incredible how many different kinds of fruit there are in this world.

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