Pink and Blue

I’ve been slowing down with the sunrises, but not for a lack of them. They’re getting earlier and earlier, and I’ve slept through a few good ones. Last Wednesday, it was worth getting up at 6:20 am to catch this one:

Pink clouds against a baby blue sky at 6:25 am

You can see 3 bird silhouettes in the sky here, those are the white cattle egrets you see everywhere on Kauai. Now that I’ve lived in this neighborhood for a year and watched them, I think I’ve got them figured out. They roost in the trees on the banks of the Wailua river and Opaekaa stream, I’ve seen them when kayaking there. In the morning, they fly north in groups to the cattle in the fields around Kapaa, and in the evening they go south again to roost.

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