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Slowly but surely, I’m adding to my list of other blogs about Kauai (see blogroll at right). Today I stumbled upon ‘Planet Kauai’ and immediately recognized a blogger after my own heart. masthead

The author, Charley Foster, seems to be a recent transplant from Utah, which means he has had many of the same experiences I have had: finding a house to settle into, exploring the island, trying the local stores and restaurants, discovering local politics. One thing about malihini (newcomers) like us is that we notice and blog about the little details of life here, the ones that the locals don’t notice anymore (and probably don’t care about) and that the tourists don’t have time to discover. For example, we both took a picture of the same “Falling Coconuts” sign (his, mine)—leave a comment if you know where it is.

Planet Kauai has lots of creative viewpoints too, from LOLgeckos (in fact a green anole, but nevertheless why does this form of humor make me LOL?) to tiki, all the way to Godzilla (he’ll have to answer for that one). He also has lots of great photos, and obviously a better camera and zoom than I, seeing his pictures of ferry protestors and lunar eclipses. Makes me think I should publish more photos, or at least use frames around them.

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  1. I’m glad you found me. It really is amazing how similar our blogs are in a lot of ways. It slays me that we both did the falling coconuts picture. I’ve been catching up on your posts and I’m looking forward to seeing more.


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