Island of the Apes

I recently discoverd, which has lots of interesting articles about primates in their archives. Many articles report on the latest behavioral research, wherein we learn that primates mourn their dead, understand money, steal only when others are not watching, try to fit in, and pick up
human habits such as smoking.

With more research, we might even find some primates have legends that deny they evolved from lemurs. Now that I’ve said that, I need to make a new blog rule forbidding religious discussions here.

What’s the connection to Kauai? Well, the plans for a Maui Ape Center seems to be falling through, and though it is pure speculation on my part, I wonder if they considered relocating to Kauai. Which leads me to ponder whether a primate sanctuary is compatible with a Hawaiian island. It would definitely be out of place culturally, but so is much of the tourism here. And I assume there is little chance of the primates escaping, so we shouldn’t have to worry about another invasive species.

In the end, I think an environmentally oriented research center would help reinforce Kauai’s image as a protected place. So, I think someone should invite the preserve to Kauai.

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