Rainbow Wrasse

Sorry for the hiatius, I’ve been very busy with my day job.

I was even working over the weekend, but we still had time to go snorkeling down in Poipu. We went to Beach House beach where there are always so many fish to see. There are two things I like there: the Beach House restaurant is gracious enough to let people lay on their manicured lawn under the palm trees, which keeps down the amount of sand we carry back to the car and the house, and while it’s reputation attracts a crowd, we almost always see new fish.

Yesterday’s new fish was the rainbow wrasse, called hinalea by the Hawaiians. The only picture I could find on the internet is from the “marine aquarium trade,” but it is almost exactly what we saw:

Very colorful fish, about 8 inches (20 cm) long, with an orange and green head, a darker body with neon blue dots, a bright yellow tail and hot pink dorsal and ventral fins the length of  its entire body
Photo credit: reefkeeping.com

P.S. I just recieved an underwater digital camera for (early) Christmas, so I will soon be taking these pictures myself, I hope.

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  1. Ciaran says:

    Thank you for this picture ive used it for my ART Homework
    Thank you

  2. Andy says:

    Welcome Ciaran,

    I appreciate that you’re reading my site and finding the illustrations you need. And usually, I do not mind if people use my photos for non-commercial purposes (commercial uses need my permission–email me), and I even like it when they leave me a comment like yours.

    However, in this case, it is not my photograph to give. I have copied it from another website for illustrative purposes. Whenever I do that, I give the name and URL of the source, as in the photo credit below the image. Therefore, you should really follow the link and look for that website’s policy about photo rights. More importantly, you should thank them.

    Just giving credit where credit is due.

  3. Sivea says:

    Today 6/14/2014 my husband and I saw at least three of these rainbow wrasse off Puako beach on the Big Island. Thanks for helping us identify them!!

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