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I have endorsed flip-flops by Scott before, and just bought myself another pair because the outer sole was wearing thin after a year of constant use. From the tag on the new pair, I was happy to find that it is a Hawaiian brand. It always feels good to buy from local businesses, even if the manufacturing is inevitably off-shore:

Scott Hawaii was founded in 1932, manufacturing plantation boots for the sugar and pineapple workers in Hawaii. During World War II, because of material shortages, production was switched to sandals and flip flops to service the large number of military personnel passing through Pearl Harbor. Since then, we have focused on providing comfortable footwear in Hawaii for locals and tourists alike, as well as those outside Hawaii who embrace our casual island lifestyle. Every pair we make is hand crafted with the best quality and most durable materials available for comfortable, casual footwear.

[on the back:] Made in China

They also have a small website,, which is worth visiting for the retro flash animation and nice Hawaiian slack key guitar music. The model that I have found at Kmart on Kauai is their men’s Makaha, though only in plain black.

Please note that I am in no way affiliated with Scott Hawaii, I’m just a satisfied customer recommending what seems to be a quality product.

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