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I don’t know whether I’m more excited to have an underwater digital camera or to show you the photos I took with it. I’ll start with the photos here and present the camera in another post.

Yesterday, we went snorkeling at Beach House beach, the tiny beach in Poipu that has the best snorkeling on the south shore. And because the waves are too high to swim on the north shore right now, it’s the best place on the island. It’s also in all the guide books, so it gets pretty crowded, but the fish are still there and don’t seem to suffer. We sometimes feed them fish food that we buy at the dive shop on the road to Poipu (Koloa Rd.), it attracts a big swarm of fish, although not the prettiest ones. Without food, you’ll still see lots of fish, just perhaps not as close:

Sonja likes to feed the fish so that they come real close and she can pet them

During the fish feeding frenzy, I was able to catch this close up of a racoon butterflyfish (kikakapu in Hawaiian, meaning “strongly prohibited” apparently because they were sacred):

A mostly yellow and black oval fish, about 4 inches long, with a white and black mask over the eyes like a racoon

Later, I photographed this threadfin butterflyfish (also kikakapu in Hawaiian) by itself:

Yellow, white and black oval fish, about 4 inches long, with an elegant criss-cross pattern

Then we swam out to where it was deeper and there are a few heads of coral. In this photo, my pregnant wife is pointing out the fish to her mother.

Two snorkeler floating about 10 feet (3 meters) above some coral formations in a turquoise blue ocean

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