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I’ve been thinking of ways of earning some money doing what I love: exploring Kauai and writing about it. Hiking and taking pictures is fun, writing about it is what I do here, the tricky part is getting paid for it.

Before I put advertizing on this blog, I thought I’d try some other options first. The most straightforward is to be “affiliated” with an online bookstore and provide links for people to buy the books I recommend on my blog. So I now have a bookstore page on the blog now where you can click through to to buy all the books I have recommended, all 3 of them (one map and two books). If you go to that page right now, you’ll see a few more books that I’m reading and will review soon.

Many of the big online merchants have these programs, which pay the website owner anywhere from 4% to 8% commission of the sales price. I hope I’m not breaching my contract when I say this, but I really wanted to be affiliated with an “independent” bookseller such as Powell’s Books. I tend to support the underdog, and I thought that a store focused only on books would serve my needs better. However, Amazon has a big network of associate booksellers, a larger group of smaller bookstores, and they were the only store that could list the relatively obscure titles about Kaua’i. On the positive side, lots of people know and trust Amazon, and I am myself a satisfied customer.

Anyways, if you’re thinking of buying the books you see on this blog, it helps me out if you buy them through my links. Hopefully, having a potential income from books will motivate me to review more of them. Don’t worry, I promise I will still recommend only the books I honestly like.

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