The Garden Island

The Garden Island is both the nickname of Kauai and the name of our only local newspaper. It’s a small-town newspaper with decent coverage of local news and opinion, as well as state, national, and international news from the wire services. I like the paper because it’s focused on Kauai and doesn’t have much intrusive advertising. When I want in-depth international coverage, I go to the Internet.

I’ll be linking to the newspaper a lot in this blog, just because they’re better at reporting the news than I am. We receive their paper daily, so I have to give them credit when they break a story that I’d like to comment upon.

I also like the fact that the paper doesn’t take itself too seriously and prints headlines such as “Man scrambling to purchase egg farm”. Behind the pun is a good snapshot of island life, highlighting some of the environmental and economic dysfunctions that are probably universal, yet more salliant here.

The writer is Andy Gross, a business journalist who seems to be a relatively new to the paper and also to the island. However, he has done a great job of making contacts and publishing interesting stories that show how business, environment, and politics are all intertwined on a small island. From one Andy to another, keep up the good work, I hope my readership gets to be as large as yours.

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