Things Heat Up

It may be springtime, but I’m not talking about the weather for once. The Garden Island newspaper published my second letter to the editor about helicopters in response to the two replies I triggered. It’s in good company with letters by the wacky Peter Saker and the esteemed Ray Chuan.

I was hoping to see more people write in support of my position, but I guess it’s not a big issue for those living here. The letter-writer who started it all did write again to also say that those who replied to insult me and belittle him missed the point.

It also took me a while to reply because this was one of the hardest pieces I’ve had to write recently. I had to refute their empty statements, provide new information, respond to insults, research the facts to avoid slander, and try to keep it snappy and short. I think I succeeded on all counts except for the shortness.

So far I’m 2 for 2 in published letters, but I wonder when the editor will get tired of the debate. Here are all the letters in this “thread” so far:

  1. March 31, Mr Becker witnesses unsafe flying.
  2. April 2, Mr Christensen’s hollow reply for Jack Harter.
  3. April 9, my first letter denoucing his attitude.
  4. April 12, Mr Myers of Safari Helicopters and Mr Smith, a pilot, don’t add anything
  5. April 15, Mr Becker is disappointed with their replies.
  6. April 26, my second letter asks operators some tough questions.
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