Tropical Waffle

There’s nothing like a special brunch on Sunday morning to start or finish the week off in style. For us that means waffles piled high with fresh fruit from the farmer’s market.

Waffle and fruit topping for brunch.

For the record, the fruit you see are apple bananas, starfruit, papaya, tangerine, and white pineapple, and there is passion fruit hidden at the bottom. Apple bananas are the small bananas grown locally, much more flavorful than the larger ones that we call mainland bananas. The papayas come from our yard, and the passion fruit we find along the roads and trails.

The waffles are from multi-grain organic waffle mix: just add milk, an egg, and some oil. They’re really quick to make and they taste great. One of the first things we bought here was a $2 electric waffle iron from a thrift store. It works fine, you just have to put the first waffles in the oven to stay warm until you’ve made them all.

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