I mentioned Volcom surfwear in my previous post about Elena Hight and thought the phenomenon merits an article of its own.

Along with other brands, you often see their logo sticker (Black and white arrow-head diamond shape ) plastered on many public signs around Kauai. I wondered what it was until I finally saw one of their shirts with the logo and their name. Volcom is a designer of surf, skate, and snow[board] clothes (and stickers), and from their website, I learned that they call their logo the Volcom Stone. While not really Hawaiian in inspiration, I think the angular contrasting shape echoes some of the native tapa cloth designs and revival Hawaiian tatoos that appeal to locals.

Their prominent motto is “youth against establishment”—except for the establishment of counter-culture I suppose. So if you believe in removing their stickers from public places, you support antidisestablishmentarianism and have given me the chance to use English’s longest word legitimately.

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