Waipoo Falls

On our way to Kokee Saturday, we had to pull off the road to look at Waipoo falls going strong from the recent rains. Waipoo literally means “head-water,” which is fitting because the waterfall is at the head of the Waimea Canyon and feeds what becomes the Waimea River below. The upper falls are about 100 feet (30 m) high, and the main falls about 400 feet (120m) high There is a relatively easy hike that leads to great views from the eroded ridge to the left of the falls, and then right to the top of the upper falls.

Waterfall over the red rock of Waimea Canyon, with the green carpet of the Kokee forest above.

All summer, it had been less impressive because there was less rain. The water from Kokee Stream which feeds it is diverted into the ditches to irrigate the sugar cane, so this waterfall really suffers in low rain.

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